Tuesday, March 24, 2009
i need to vent. 

why are there two presentations for this class?
why is she my partner?
why have we made no progress and it's due in two days?
where is her contribution?
who is marrying her?
why are people older than me not smart?
and what about the other requirements for this class, why are they so annoying?
what does it matter if you were told it was due on the 20th? you're not in the class. the fact is, for me, it's due on the 9th. what does someone's due date IN ANOTHER PROGRAM have to do with me?
why are people not reading for comprehesion? are you just looking at the words?
when i talk, am i always speaking english? is english your first language?
literally, in the time you told me to do that, you could have done it. why didn't you?
was that necessary? 
does this argument need to take place at 2 in the damn morning?
why am i forever trying to accommodate someone else? especially people who dont give two shits about me?
how is it that i'm made to feel wrong when he sucks at life?
how does everyone else seem to come out on top regardless?

1 thought(s):

T said...

"who is marrying her?"

This is SO something I would say.