Tuesday, June 30, 2009
"grandpa" is an actual grandpa. i know, GROSS but he's my buddy. we met over a month ago at the bar in Friday's by my job. he sent me a drink and kept looking at me and i was like "who is this old ass man?" i guess he saw that i shared that one drink with my "friend" so he comes over an introduces himself and im like "you have to know how old i am". im talkin shit. cant tell you what and he offers us a shot of whatever we want. i think he's on that bullshit so i say patron which i know was on time $18 in ATL. i need to think of a more expensive shot because that has yet to call any dude's bluff plus i dont know how much it costs here. he gets one from each of us and then for some reason we start taking pics. he asks me to email him the one of the two of us and gives me his business card. i get a text sayin "thanks for the pic" and a couple weeks pass. 

i see him again at the same location. and he wants to know why im acting like i dont know him and im like, "because i dont; not like you called me". we shoot the shit, he buys us more drinks, promises to take me out, and goes to his part time job. yes, he drinks WITH his supervisor before going to work. i find that so funny. anyway it's two more times that i see him before we actually go anywhere. finally, we meet for dinner and it's still early so we go see a movie and it's still sort of early so we went to his place and watch a terrible but somewhat amusing movie. from that night on we've been chill buddies. i went to some birthday party with him for one of his friends' wives, ive been over his house quite a few times and one time he cooked for me, and of course we've been back to the bar together. i found out he was staring at me that first time because i was in "his" seat and that he liked me because he liked my dimples and my hair (my hair was natural then). he's cool or whatever and really nice but he is a grandpa! and not no regular grandpa. he is 43 and his 16-year-opd daughter has a baby. can you say "parenting fail"? he says he had nothing to do with it because she stays with the ex-wife and blah blah blah but my thing is you see her often enough (he's no deadbeat, she just got custody to be an asshole). but whatever. i cant even take his side on anything because i dont know the facts. he claims she cheated and he left. and here is the kicker, this man is not even divorced. he's been separated for 4 years. i was PISSED when he told me that last week. YOU ARE STILL MARRIED, go away. he doesnt consider himself married but i do so we can be friends or whatever but that's it. 

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T said...

Aw man, I hate that separated business. I need to create a line of hats and buttons to say separated is not divorced because people act like they don't know. WTH!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I want grandpa to go away like ummm NOW.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

nice blog folk hope u dont mind the drive by