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Monday, June 29, 2009
finally got up with Ms. T from Tea and Such. still mad her girls flaked on her but whatever. so anyway. after fighting 5 blocks of completely senseless traffic and parking 3 blocks away from our destination. i spot T infront of the worst McDonalds in the city. ok, thats not fair, arguably the one in Adams Morgan or just about any one in DC could be in contention for that but whatever. i stand whole heartedly by the one not too far from my house that one day did not have any FRIES that one time is the worst in MD, but i digress. 

so we're going to Station 9, what i thought was a decent restaurant by day that turned into an upscale lounge by night. at least that was my experience in the past. last time i was there, the restaurant was open and i chilled briefly on the upper level where there was ample seating. this visit, the lower level was cleared out (as best they could with restaurant furniture lining the walls). what was once a 25 and older chill spot became reminiscent of some of the spots i thought i left behind in undergrad (didnt help that there was a strong ATL presence among other non-DC folk). anyway, the drinks were overpriced yet at the same time pretty typical for DC when there are no bar specials (i think ive been spoiled by constantly scoping those out), and the first DJ was the height of wacktivity. the second DJ did decently, however could not compensate for 1.) the lack of...i dont even know what is required to be a good DJ because there really arent many so i dont know what he was lacking but he lacked it BIG TIME and 2.) the age and appearance of almost everyone around me. some people were wearing 80s prom dresses found in the junior's section of Macy's. others were scantilly clad in makeshift outfits that i couldnt even pretend would be cute if they fit. really not my crowd. but enough complaints about the venue. 

we made it work. T is really cool, REALLY funny (in case you somehow did not know that from reading her blog), and pretty. should have taken pics but my camera is just the worst and my phone is new with no memory card so i wouldnt be able to store any pics. i'm sure T will have far more to say than i about this night, along with details of her other adventures on this trip. 

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T said...

LOL! This is hilarious. I didn't know I was standing in front of the worse Mickey D's in DC. Yeah, I have a recap on this night, but thanks for coming out to kick it with me.

I would have been in there swag surfin' alone with no one to point the messes out to...

T said...