what is it 'bout men?

Monday, June 15, 2009
or rather what is it about me??? i seem to attract the SAME dude. either he is the 40+ divorced man or the 20-something emotionally unavailable character. the over 40 man wants someone to spend time with and make sexual advances toward. the 20-something will act right in the beginning and take you on a couple cheap dates but he's really interested in fleeting romance and hot sweaty nights. i cannot afford emotionally to invest in either type. so where is my 30-something, commitment-ready, mature male? and is there such a person? is there any insight to be offered from someone dating in this age range?

i wonder if i should just keep these two types around to balance each other out. i can cuddle with the old man during the light hours and visit the young fool at night. i can take strolls and do the simple things and catch a movie or dinner with someone's dad and granddad and then club/bar hop with someone's linebrother and former classmate. i really wish i could find someone's fellow congregation member/mentor.

3 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

My simple advice is that neither type seem to be worth your time. There is a gem out there with your name on him... :-)

T said...

You know, I've found that guys in their 30s aren't that much better. They either are ready to marry you like RIGHT NOW, to the point that dating is less fun and more of a chore because dude is picking out China patterns and not focused on the moment. OR they're set on finding the perfect (read: non-existent) woman. They'll find any excuse to say you're not her. A 34-year old man and I had a disagreement and he told me he was too old to date someone who disagreed with him ON ANYTHING. I was thinking wow, let me buy you a blow up doll. I've heard they're pretty agreeable. Womp.

antithesis said...

@PJD- i really hope ur right. and apparently i have some stuff to really work on myself

@ T- lol. 34-year-old was a complete idiot. like seriously? im not looking for a shadow and i dont want to be anyone else's twin either. i value most differences so we would have never worked anyway. you r so much better off!