" this is bad, real bad. Michael Jackson"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
and he mad, real mad. Joe Jackson. - Kanye West, "Knock You Down"

do not call a man, especially a black man, a 'bitch'. it's like the highest insult. and knowing that, i did it anyway. to me, almost as bad as calling me a 'bitch' is hanging up on me.

i actually have a double standard when it comes to the 'b'-word. don't under any circumstances call me that. i dont call anyone i consider a friend that unless they really piss me off and i dont care about being friends with them anymore. but for strangers and people i'm not close to? it's free-flowing from my lips.

anyway, he hung up on me really for no reason because it wasnt like i was raving and cursing him out. i was calmly explaining my position. then he had the audacity to call me back. i said, "leave me alone" and hung up. he called back again and i said, "bitch, you hung up on me!". was that uncalled for? was i justified?

probably not because he didnt call me a 'bitch' first. i don't know. right or wrong, i sort of feel bad about having said it. i apologized. don't know why. and maybe it's not THAT bad. anyway dont do it unless you know for sure you don't want to be friends with him anymore or you don't want your relationship to be the same.

it's definately taking a risk because i called my ex all kinds of 'bitches' when we were still on speaking terms. however, he called me a 'bitch' on two occassions first. but it solicited absolutely no reaction from him. i'd be like "bitch, shut up" or "bitch, you gay" or "call me back, bitch" and it was nothing.

ugh, and don't hang up on me....

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T said...

I was just about to call someone a bitch in his facebook status, but thought against it. Not because I care, but because if I did that he'd definitely de-friend me and I couldn't stalk his page anymore. FB is turning me into a punk. LOL!

Anyway, hanging up on me is like spitting in my face. If you hang up on me, you can trust you'll never talk to me again. If you have something that belongs to me, I'll send a friend for it. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Don't interrupt my thought or dismiss me by hanging up the phone.

So, to me, you were totally justified.

Now, I have some girlfriends who hang up on men all the time. That's just how they operate, so they'd probably have a different take on the situation. Whatev...

Ooh... I just got mad. Let me go woo-sah some damn where.