guilty pleasures: a mobile post

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
With me joining twitter and becoming addicted to the CRACKberry, I haven't been posting often. I'm also too lazy to go upstairs and get my macbook. I want to know about your guilty pleasures? Last year I spoke breifly about the current state of hip-hop/r&b and my guilty pleasure music but let's discuss television.

I like watching trash tv aka reality shows. I tuned in to bravo, vh1, and mtv. Here's why:

1. Unlimited side-eye moments (i.e real housewives, pick any one)
2. So much ceiling eyes/apathy (i.e. the hills)
3.Physical comedy (i.e. the duel, I love money, that show I can't think of the name of on network tv w/ the obstacle courses)
4. I don't have to think AT ALL

What do you watch and why?

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Product Junkie Diva said...

unlimited side eye moments..LOL so true.
have a great weekend.