Tuesday, June 9, 2009
i'm feeling so at peace right now. i'm not mad at him anymore. im not mad at any "he". i dont hope bad things happen to any of them (did you read my post on things that should happen to those who have wronged me?). i guess if i were still in a vengeful mood, i'd add spending 24+ hours with both heidi and spencer OR 1 week with the entire Hells cast (i know, the show is called "the hills"). i don't know for sure what i can attribute this newfound peace to. i hope it's not just one of my passing moods and i'll feel like crap again in a couple of days. i really hope it has something to do with the praying i've been doing lately. the past two days, ive been praying. and not just for myself; selfish prayer gets so monotonous and boring. and i really dont think God likes wish lists. 

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T said...

YAY for peace!