life is so blah

Thursday, June 11, 2009
i've been feeling like T has been feeling (as evidenced by her post today) for a while now. where's the love? what happened to my regular comments? guess im boring folks. not surprised, im boring myself. cant promise anything interesting is to come. let me tell you what's on deck. 

1. trip to Columbus, OH - *boring* nothing to do there but my favorite spelman sister is there for med school. gotta go see the love of my life. 
2. weekend at VA beach- *yawn* everyone has been there, done that. ive never been. it's just a hop, skip and a jump away so nothing too exciting. 
3. summer session begins- *death* it's school. how exciting could that be?
4. maybe e.badu in concert-HOLLA! love her but that is a HUGE maybe so very unlikely... FML

3 thought(s):

T said...

Ok, I've got something exciting. I'll be in D.C. in two weekends. I have a wedding in b-more Friday night, then I'm going to drive to D.C. Saturday afternoon. We should kick it!

T said...

Sorry for the double-post, but P.S. Kismet is cyber-fighting in the comments on yesterday's post. You should come back and throw down. LOL!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I'm here, I'm here *waves hands in the air** Like I said on T's blog I think people are reading but just not commenting. There are days on the blog when I get 0 comments but I look at my counter and check the numbers and I have many maybe they click on and click off but I know some must be reading but not writing...
Keep doing what you do Antithesis I'm entertained :-) OOH and I think I know another thing too that may be the cause talk to you about it later.