Wednesday, August 4, 2010
this number is haunting me. every time i get on the scale, that's what it says. sometimes it goes up but never below that number. i have reason to believe my mother's scale is broken based on other digital reads it's given. ive stepped on and gotten 0.0 as well as ----. whatever the case, one thing is for certain, running isn't enough. i thought it would be but no. i still loathe my stomach and arms. i'll admit, i haven't done anything a day this week and it's not justifiable. i just don't feel like killing myself on the treadmill and not having many food options simply to not get the results i want. the carving out of hindparts was a fringe benefit but it's hard to use that term with no primary gain. maybe 3-4 days a week isn't enough to run but i dont feel like going beyond that. i have a car but i certainly do not drive everywhere. i bus and walk a fair amount. can that count for something? i guess that's why i dont really gain wait unless im sitting around being ridiculous with my sister and we don't do that often. i knew i'd grow bored of just running. i guess i'll add pilates dvd to the mix and do something about my diet of cheez-its and yogurt...

any other ideas?

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T said...

Do you get Netflix? Someone suggested getting workout DVDs on Netflix. That way you only have it for about a week and don't get bored. And good job not gaining wait. So long as I don't go over 140 I feel like I'm winning.

This reminds me, I need to update my Netflix. They've been sending BS lately.