"do what makes you happy"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
my big brother dropped this along with some other gems in our hour-long convo sunday night. once or twice a season, i can actually get my big brother on the phone and we have good talks. he was drunk but still insightful on this particular occasion.

he told me things i already know but added his 4 additional years of life experience which offered more reassurance. he basically told me he was insanely proud of what im doing and all that extra shit doesn't matter. he said he didnt give a hell what i was doing in comparison with what other people are doing as long as i wasnt out here acting crazy and he knows that im really not. the conversation ended on this note "do what you need to do; you will always have me, kevin and tiffany on your side...and your bat shit crazy parents".

so i'm gonna do what makes me happy. can't wait to figure out what that could be.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Sweet! It sure feels good to have a supportive loving family...gotta love it.

T said...