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Thursday, August 12, 2010
im getting further and further from my goal of earning a clarisonic from myself. i dont think ive run but once this month. august is just going to be a month of fail. i was thinking about running a second time when my temp agency called me for a last minute half day assignment. that was a lame excuse because i wound up at my destination with time to spare and the rest of this month, there's no legitimate excuse. im just lazy. this morning, my stomach hurts. i got dressed to run and had one shoe on before i decided i was too tired and didnt feel like running today. now that's dedication...to being fat.

im just not feeling it. the clarisonic was just a fringe benefit, i really want to lose those pounds and maybe that will make me happy even if the happiness is short-lived. maybe i can get away with bumming around for this month, being careful what i eat, and then kick it into overdrive in september and still manage to achieve my goal. as of this morning (the day im writing this) i'm 167.5. i think the goal was 148.

this lack of energy is a direct reflection of my diet. i haven't really been reporting what i've been eating. if you follow me on twitter, you know about my cupcake addiction, so i'll do a typical day including a cupcake stop.

breakfast- none or yogurt and animal cookies (usually none or water)
lunch: between 1pm and 3pm- cupcake or chips and a juice/soda
dinner: cheez-its or whatever my mom cooks or fast food

actually looking at that make me realize how ridiculous i am. i dont eat enough food to want to run. plus i see how i havent been gaining weight. this also explains why my dad came in my room at 10pm last night with a huge tuna sandwich. my parents know i dont eat right. it's time to do south beach diet. im going to go get some nuts and yogurt (im supposed to get plain but eff that! i'm allowed that cheat because plain tastes like throw up!)

btw, you can comment on any post letting me know what you want me to blog about during the month of September.

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T said...

I want you to blog about the following:

1) As a budding young counselor give people tips for living their best life.

2) Poll your brother & sister(s) (I think you have two) and find out what their secret to relationship happiness is and come back and tell the masses.

3) Leave a guide for college students on any topic of your choice

4) Do a trends that are in and work and trends that should have never started post.

That's all I have for now.