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Wednesday, August 4, 2010
in the style of Tea's Top Ten and in no particular order:

1. no matter how much i hate it, i have somewhere to live.
2. i have a car that all i have to do is put gas in and pay $30-40 for oil changes (i need to fix both bumpers but i can get to points a & b so whatever).
3. as far as i know, other than being overweight, im in great health.
4. i have an endless supply, or seemingly so, of shampoo and conditioner.
5. i have eliminated the need for regular salon visits as i can care for and style my own hair and my sister is willing to do my relaxer when i need it. that could be as infrequent as twice a year, if i want.
6. i have the colors i want to paint my own nails. not like i've found a decent pedicure spot.
7. when i was employed, i made sound fashion choices and my closet is full of classics and staple clothing items.
8. i have an open invitation to visit (and spend the night) at my sister's place where my favorite people reside.
9. for things i REALLY need (school/car related), my dad helps me out
10. though im not losing weight, my inability to indulge as much as i'd like insures that i'm not GAINING weight.

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T said...

Love this list!!!