guilty pleasures

Friday, August 13, 2010
are there some shows you are embarassed to admit you watch faithfully? if you've been reading this blog enough, you know by now i am who i am with no apologies. here's a list of crap i watch that other people might not be so apt to divulge with others.

1. pretty little liars- desperate housewives for teens
2. twilight- worst. acting. ever. BUT i love the fight scenes. there's like one per movie but so what?
3. big brother- people are funny. phony people are funnier.
4. gossip girl- i love a jab guised as a compliment and they serve them up so graciously along with drama, deciet, and stupidity.
5. jersey shore- there is nothing more stereotypically ignorant on tv
6. real housewives- new york and atlanta are the only one's i'll watch. im growing tired of them but i'll had them since ive seen the most recent seasons.
7. true blood- another vampire thing but this one is actually GOOD. i wish there was more scenes with pam and her smart mouth. lafeyette has toned down, too. guess they dont know what to do with him since, according to the books, he was to die off last season.
8. bad girls club- i feel better about myself with every episode. just wow!

your turn!

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2 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

OK I have been watching housewives of DC and I like it!!!
I also watch some junk too so we're in the same

T said...

I watch BGC, but haven't seen it this season.

I actually watch the Tina & Toya show(or like I like to say on Twitter the Tinah and Trora show). I find it to be refreshing and real and though they have a little accent (Ha!) they are real down-to-earth people. I wish them every happiness.

I watch all the housewives except Jersey b/c they as borin as stucco colored house paint.