i have hot friends

Sunday, August 8, 2010
last night i learned how dangerous it is to go out if you're commited. my engaged friend got hit on gratuitously and my friend in a committed relationship caught some of the action as well. when we settled on a spot for the night, these nice (non-black) guys partied with us all night. my friend commented that the guy was like he didn't know which one of us he wanted because we were all hot. we never told him that he only really had one option.

honestly, i've been slacking on recruiting a new boo interest. i let fellow temp associate catch a train headed out of my life without getting his contact info. and i allowed this jersey kid who was not black dance away from me forever. i haven't been feeling confident.

i didn't feel pretty when i was ambushed at that half-day temp assignment by an educated cutie. i also didnt put my best effort in my appearance for my girls' night out. i felt my friends were way more attractive than me. oh, i was for sure the cutest thing up in that office that day but i still wasnt feeling my look for the day. plus, i couldn't decide if i wanted him for me or T since he talked of plans of moving to the midwest in the near future.

i have a chance to do better tonight. my friend, a 2001 alum from my high school, is having an event to celebrate his book launch: The Dawn of Generation Why. i'm always supportive of fellow psych majors and related causes. i hope to meet some like-minded individuals, as well as reunite with former class- and school mates. time to get my game face on and seek out some prospects. or maybe i just need some me time and i should simply take advantage of an opportunity to look cute and garner some attention. i cant believe my brain combined the words "good" and "cute" just now and i typed "goote". im done.

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T said...

Aw! Congrats to your boy on his book launch and I so feel you on the not being dedicated to getting new boos. I did the look once flirt and got smiles from two fellas, but then kept walking. What single woman doesn't turn around again (you know to seal the deal). If I see cuties in the airport this week, I'm gonna flirt harder. :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

lol Yeah I second that- congrats to your friend. I too and booless *kanyeshrug.
You're lovely Antithesis I'm sure you have heads turning even if you don't know it. Many moons ago a guy wrote a note to me which basically let me know that I never noticed him but that he has always noticed me. It was a sweet note but he was right, I never and I mean NEVER noticed the guy- so that just made me think of how many other times such a situation may have occurred..
Anyway you're being noticed by some guy even if you think you're not so enjoy the moments, even if you don't know they're happening....ok I may have to do a post on that because I didn't explain that well...lol

antithesis said...

PJD, you raise a good point! maybe i'll talk about about that, as well.