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Monday, August 16, 2010

lately, ive been less than thrilled with the idea of eating out so when friends hit me up for restaurant week or just to catch up after years of abscence from each other's lives, i was gave a less than enthused response. i would be happy to see them and whatnot but food was even a small part of why i'd be going. that is until i got up with my friend from high school and she suggested founding farmers.

founding farmers opened september 2008, the year i returned to DC and the month i began grad school. it wasnt hard to notice because it's on my bus route to go home (the 36 runs slightly different to come back to southeast than it does to go up to northwest). my friend had been a couple of times and raved about it. some bacon lollipops or some other thing that didn't really catch my interest. but she did say the food was good. lately, i was excited to go because i'd overheard conversations of people with to-go bags making plans to go the next day with another friend and i was like "word? it's like THAT?".

founding farmers was on my must-try list also because they recently opened a sister restaurant, farmers & fishers, on the georgetown waterfront whose menu i've been interested in checking out. former co-workers and i will be going here on aug. 16 (the day this post will publish).

knowing nothing about the place, my friend and i informed out friendly and helpful waiter that it was our first time. he proceeded to explain that everything is "from the farm to the kitchen table". they use locally-produce veggies and other products and keep everything organic. "you may notice everything tastes different; it's fresher than you may be used to", he said. as he explained this, i thought, great, now our food will take forever and im starving. i looked around at the other tables and decided that it would be worth it because of the generous portions and how delicious everything looked and the fact that people were scraping their enormous plates.

our waiter shared his top 3 menu items. i forgot one of them because i did not recall seeing it on the menu. the other two were the pot roast and shrimp and grits. i remember because i was trying to decide between the two. my friend got chicken and waffles which i decided i'd leave gladys knight's to be my favorite of.

i decided on the pot roast and boy am i happy with my decision! i'm remembering the tender beef, perfectly mashed potatoes, and vegetables cooked to perfection. the idea of them is making my mouth water now. there was a hint of cinnamon or maybe nutmeg in the sauce that really complimented the concoction. im leaning toward nutmeg.

it was good, ya'll! im taking everyone who comes to visit me in dc. enjoy these pics and stay tuned for my thoughts on founders & fishers. oh yea, i can't forget dessert: a HUNK of red velvet cake with the richest, most delicious cream cheese icing and a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. SIDENOTE: nicki minaj said she loved red velvet...except when it tasted like chocolate on her ustream the other day. i wanted to ask what the hell does her red velvet taste like? simple broad.

my plate: pot roast!!!
my friend's plate: chicken, waffles, corn, mac and cheese

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Save me some, looks good!

T said...

um... YES! We are definitely going here when I come to D.C. Good GAWD that food looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Looks yum yum!!