first quarter statistics

Monday, March 2, 2009
this might explain why i havent really been myself lately and im half-assing my blog. my year thus far:

companionship acquisition success rate: 0%

academic performance: 50% (effort put forth, at best)

academic performance: 100% (graded work)

future goal preparation: 75% (things are just about in place for upcoming academic year)

mental health status: 60% (a work in progress)

emotional well-being: 25% (see companionship acquisition)

what does all this mean?

1. im getting disrespected regularly by the opposite sex
2. i have no motivation for school work because i feel like i wont even be good at what i'm going to school for
3. somehow, i still manage to get 100% on assignments and i participate regularly in 2 out of 3 courses
4. in the processes of solidifying internship plans. i had a successful interview phase and now im just handling administrative stuff and paperwork on the school front
5. feeling stressed and depressed
6. not coping well with disappointments. overly emotional. 

how is '09 looking for you so far?

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