Friday, June 26, 2009
I don't need to add a last name because you already know. The greatest mike ever passed away yesterday and although I'm at the beach I have to acknowledge that. My introduction to music and a pioneer and influence for pretty much any artist out, he will be missed. His reach was cross-cultural and multi-generational. I have fond memories and a major one I'm left with is being called into the family room or my parents' bedroom to watch any and everything featuring that man. I say I'm a solange and other famous people stan but first, I was a real Michael stan. Feel free to leave whatever positive message in the comments. This post may serve as an outlet if you need it. Michael was not Aaliyah's age but I still feel her was "Gone Too Soon". On a lighter note *in ricky bobby voice* "thriller michael is my favorite".

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T said...

Ok, so P.Y.T. is my absolute favorite MJ song. Mainly because I think he's singing directly to me, LOL! It just makes me want to move. I could be at a funeral and if P.Y.T. comes on, I'm getting up and shaking my behind. I might have to excuse myself to a bathroom or something, but ass-shaking is necessary on that song.

My favorite Mike memory is when I was little, I don't remember how old I was, but he was my first celebrity crush. I mean I LOVED him. Then after he had surgery my older sister's mean behind was like this is what your boyfriend looks like now and I didn't believe her. I was like naw, Mike is caramel complected with a big nose, who is this jheri curl lightskinned small-nosed dude you're putting in front of me. She laughed all the way home, I was heartbroken.

Needless to say I already miss him. Gone too soon indeed!