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Wednesday, September 2, 2009
one of my friends is stressing about what it is she will do for her 24th birthday, which is in a couple of weeks. i can be of little to no assistance. i really dont want to be because i feel like a birthday should be about what you want to do. i spent many birthdays trying to guess what other people would want to do and doing that and also waiting on other people on MY day. im not going to advise her on what to do. she needs to figure it out. i hope she knows she should do what she wants to and if she's worried about no one wanting to come, she can do something by herself.

it is 30 days until my 23rd birthday. i can tell you exactly what i'll be doing to celebrate this year: NOTHING. i dont like the number 23. i dont like odd number in general and this age is just not appealing to me. further, with my schedule and my bday falling on a friday, i anticipate being very tired. i wont leave internship until late that evening and while maxwell will be performing alongside chrisette michele, i just cant see myself rushing home, getting ready and feeling 100% in 1.5 hours to attend on-time. that week i will enjoy all the freebies from the various fat girl birthday clubs i am a part of: coldstone, baskin-robins, rita's, red robin, and a couple more i cant think of but you better believe i will have maybe 4 more all with emails to remind me. also, i'll go pick up whatever sephora has to offer (probably more of their brand lipgloss). but on the actually day, i will go to internship and go home. maybe my parents will have bought the traditional strawberry shortcake, flowers/balloons. maybe not. all i know is i have no plans and i really think i'll like it like that.

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Phyllis Bourne said...

Happy early birthday. I don't really remember being 23, but I know I wasn't half as cool as you!

Now I'm off to sign up for those b-day freebies so I can get 'em in December.

T said...

My birthday is like the biggest day of the year every year. I don't care what age it is, I like to celebrate. I tried one year, not to do anything, it turned into a 30-person happy hour and kickin' it until 1 a.m. on a Monday.

For me, my birthday gives me an oppoortunity to connect with friends who I don't see often.

More power to you for making a decision that will benefit you. That's what your birthday is all about, YOU!