for the if in life

Thursday, September 3, 2009
how well do you prepare for the unpredictable. i consider myself a planner but i tend to plan for things in the forseeable future. i often fall short. for instance, i knew my blackberry was in danger when i noticed the prongs on my chrome ring for the rollerball were broken. i planned what i would do: buy a replacemetn from amazon. but instead of actually following through, i waited until it fell out in a casino in atlantic city about a week later to take action. so a panicked chick didnt know how to use the damn phone without the stupid track ball til about 2 am the next day. my whole life is in that phone (not really). but my schedule for this week was in there and it would have taken a whole bunch of extra steps to recover the information found in one place from various sources. im still pretty upset i have to wait until who knows when for this little $5 item to come. there was no option to expedite so im relying on standard USPS shipping. fml.

we cant all be prepared for EVERYTHING but try to follow through with any plans you have "for the if in life".

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