are these my only options?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
fashion/beauty-wise the trends are 1940's/50's and 1980's. i have like 3 september magazine issues and that's all they're showing me. i admit i thought the 50's hairstyles and bold red lip was cute last year and i still like it this year, but it's starting to get played out. and i havent even finished my mac russian red lipglass. i hope i can empty it quickly, b/c i really dont like walking around looking like a clone. and the 80's thing? im so over it. i was good w/ the 80's/90's party we had for senior week 2008. i can be done with the neon such now.

looks like the 80's will stick around a little while longer for me. i had the bright idea to already plan my halloween outfit while i still had money from working and my idea was inspired by a barbie i used to have. she was "workout barbie" or something and her arms and legs could actually bend. i decided i should be an 80's workout video instructor. october 31st marks the end of this 80's trend for me!


sorry the pic is so small. it was the only one i could find of the actual doll i once had.

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