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Friday, September 18, 2009
you are guaranteed a birth date and a death date. it sucks to know the exact day and time you'll die. also sucks not knowing but whatever. we know when the DC sniper will die: nov. 10. all i remember is my school being on lock down for 3 weeks. we would normally have off-campus lunch but instead the school ordered us pizza...every-damn-day. and i dont think they gave us nothing to drink, just pizza. once you came to school, you werent leaving til school let out and there was no loitering around the school. go STRAIGHT to the the metro station or bus or however you get home. i dont even think people could go to their internship sites during that time. can't remember. i remember feeling like living in DC was SO inconvenient because this was just a year after the Sept 11 stuff where we were, again, on lockdown. couldnt leave unless our parents came to get us and my normal 15-20 min drive home was 3-damn-hours. ugh! #thingsidontmissabouthighschool.

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T said...

This is the old man and the teenage boy right? Which one is dying Nov. 10 or did both of them get the same fate? Or do I have the wrong sniper altogether?