scheduled maintenance

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
i refer to some of my beauty rituals as "scheduled maintenance". this includes: brows and other hair removal, pedicures, manicures, and hair washing and styling. my facebook statuses (when i was still on there) would read something like " overdue for scheduled maintenance". I'd usually be on my way to hair cuttery for a $25 rollerset or about to devote a saturday morning to self care.

i got my eyebrows threaded yesterday. went to a different stand in a different mall (im broke/cheap like that). they are the same people though 'cause they got the same flyer. it didn't hurt nearly as bad as the first time. the first time hurt worse than childbirth (as if i would know). this time was far less painful than waxing. didnt even tear up or get that lasting stinging like last time. imma have to start going back to her. plus, she did a great job for $10.

how do you groom your brows? would you try threading? what would be too much to pay?

3 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

I take my finger, slick back my brows and I'm I had my brows done once in my life and I said I'm DONE with this process...

T said...

@ the mall in the 'burbs threading is like $7 or $8, but the person who was there was never consistent. They used to tell me they couldn't get my eyebrows to come to a point, then take too much off the top... just unskilled.

I like threading, but I get my eyebrows waxed because shape is more important that technique and my waxer is excellent at shaping.

I like the phrase scheduled maintenance. I might have to steal that from you.

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