i would lose my head...

Thursday, September 17, 2009
...if it werent attached. this semester is the height of too muchery and we are less than a month in! i pride myself as being an excellent student. never miss a deadline and i know when all assignments are due and i have them completed far in advance. the far in advance has been few and far between the past few semesters and non-existent this semester. i'm getting all the way to school and forgetting i need a blank dvd. duh! where are you going? what are you about to do once you get there? uh, school to RECORD a session with a client #fail! i sure did make that a twitter trending topic on blogger. i'm surprised i don't turn my assignments in with trending topics (i.e. "client has been clinically diagnosed with #depression"). do forgive me if i get to be lacking on the posts again. i have no social life, no money, and no man. and then i cant tell you anything interesting about what i'm doing seeing as how there are laws against sharing that info.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I know things can get rough at times, hang in there the semester will be over before you know it.