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Thursday, September 24, 2009
i have some wish list items and these are just some things i hope i get for my birthday but im not gonna flat out ask people for anything. i really dont expect to get much of anything for my birthday. so i guess this is just stuff i plan to buy over time. what's on your wish list?


you knew they would be featured so i figured i'd put them first. and yes, this list is the longest

1. impassioned lipstick 2. cranberry lip liner and 3. eyeshadow 4. grain eyeshadow 5. lucky jade shade stick 6. penultimate eyeliner 7. coppering eyeshadow 8. velvetella lip liner 9. waveline fluidline 10. luscious spark dazzleglass creme 11. probably one more dazzleglass creme

1. pencil brush 2. make up for ever lashes 3. really high end mascara 4. urban decay book of shadows II 5. urban decay 24/7 liners

1. cover girl lash blast luxe

Bath & Body Works
1. Patricia Wexler MD tinted moisturizer spf 30

2 thought(s):

WiZ said...

happy birthday when it comes girl

T said...

I want so much stuff, I don't even make lists anymore because they would just serve as reminders that I can't have stuff.

Being frugal and responsible sucks.