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Monday, September 14, 2009
since i may not (or i may, idk) be doing anything for my bday this year, i thought i'd share some suggestions for those of you who will celebrate. if your special day has already passed this year, you can always celebrate in my honor on the 2nd of october ;D anyway, i thought i'd put this out there in enough time prior to my bday b/c i share it with a great blogger (wanna know who? click the link). she might wanna use these.

  1. go to a gay bar and watch the drag show*
  2. go get a new, or your first, tattoo
  3. drink martinis all night sex in the city style w/ your girls
  4. visit a bar catering to an ethnicity other than your own (in my case; white, asian, latino, ethiopian)
  5. find somewhere to ride a mechanical bull
  6. take a local cruise tour
  7. visit a vineyard and leave w/ a personalized wine bottle*
  8. have a spa day
got something to add? leave it in the comments.

*i might actually use that one

my 21st bday (2007)


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