on the yale girl and other snatchings

Monday, September 21, 2009

what if you got snatched? i don't have to worry about that because i'm not fittin' to go nowhere with you! you can have my car but you are not about to tell me to get up in my own trunk. nope. i need to be unconscious. you will just have to kill me where i stand because you not gonna take me to some nasty basement... i always think it's a nasty basement. i don't wanna be killed somewhere germy. i hate germs! wherever i already am will have to do because apparently, i was there on my own volition. and how dare you put someone in a wall? what year was that building erected? because that is the height of trife if there was asbestos (sp). see, no i'm gonna have to be killed in whatever dark parking lot i'm in or whatever. when you go to the second location they got more time to think of sick shit to do to you. and resources. and plus you might be there for days dying. i need to get that instant death if you gonna kill me. also, i don't do stupid shit if i can avoid it. i won't be wandering around unattended at midnight in bad neighborhoods. im just sayin'...

btw, did you ever read that book? i read it back when i really liked to read. cant remember what i thought of it. it's been that long. surprised i even remembered it just now.

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T said...

I've been to a ton on self-defense and anti-rape classes. They were mandatory in college and my job sponsored some because a lot of us travel often and sometimes alone.

One of the most important lessons is to scream. Whenever they say be quiet or I'm going to shoot you, you'd better take your chances at being shot, because being quiet might mean you're never going to be found.

This is so sad and tragic though and a lot of the killings happen at the hands of someone the women already know, so they're already vulnerable. Very scary.

Phyllis Bourne said...

Like you, they're gonna have to kill my ass on the spot. I ain't going nowhere.