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Friday, September 4, 2009

september's movie of the month is Inglourious Basterds. i'm a quentin tarrentino fan. i loved pulp fiction and kill bill. i think i can add this to the list of favorites. this movie was right on time for me. somehow they got on the topic and my sister told me that my 12 year old niece didnt know what the holocaust was. like she knew nothing. the next day, my sister, mother, and i took her to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum (or whatever it's called). maybe she was too young b/c i recall visiting in high school and she's just starting middle school this year. she didnt have a huge appreciation for it but i figured it wouldnt be too bad. think of the kids who actually suffered through it. hello? anne frank? (side note: where is my copy of the diary? couldn't find it to give to my niece). anyway, i digress.

basically, i liked the movie. it had sad, funny, and suspenseful moments which is my idea of a perfect recipe for any movie. the person i saw it with didnt like it but we can seem to agree on much of anything. no, it wasnt based on reality but i guess you have to have some knowledge of the real life events in order to appreciate the film. for more info and a synopsis, visit: the official site.

what movie did you really enjoy this summer? i didnt see district 9 yet, how was it?

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