first day of classes

Monday, August 30, 2010
well, here it is. the beginning of the end. my final semester as a graduate student!

i have 8 hours of work and then class in the evening. i have never worked full-time and been in school full-time. this will be interesting (read: stressful). luckily it's temporary as this job will end some time in october. at the rate we're going, it could end prior to that. they just want people until they reach their goal, at which point they could give a shit what happens next. they might keep me on but i doubt it.

dont worry, i'll still have the kennedy center gig and i'll try to make temping work again. as always, i'll be looking for permanent stuff in my field but at that point, i'll be more vigilent.

and dont worry about the blog. i have posts scheduled for the month of september and i plan to have more time to do a better job of posting in october once the job ends and i take that stupid test. with that said, i hope to be back with LIVE posts shortly after my bday. til then, xoxo!

ALSO, COMMENT ON THIS POST REQUESTING TOPICS FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. 3 days of posts are still available to be filled by what YOU want me to discuss.

3 thought(s):

T said...

YAY for the last semester. I remember when you were still in ungergrad. Aw. Tear.

Ok, enough of the mushy crap, you should write a post on the top 10 reasons Chris Brown could NOT get it. LOL!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Congrats congrats congrats!!!
LOL @T's comment.
I would like to see pots on:
relationships (this can include friendships). How many close friends have you maintained through your life...any people you could see yourself dismissing soon?
PErhaps a career path post- is there something that you want to do with yourself that has nothing to do with the degree you have already earned?
And anything else you want to write about...I'll be reading.

antithesis said...

@ T- done!

@pjd- i gave you some relationship posts but i'll give you something on friends, too. i'll tell you now, there are no pending dismissals.

as for the career thing, there is a post scheduled for that. nothing outside of my educational background interests me other than makeup and im not going to pursue that for profit.