Saturday, March 15, 2008
so a tornado hits atlanta and media coverage is focused on the devastation that struck downtown where the GA dorm, Phillips Arena, and CNN Center is. I am interested to know of the destruction to the west end area right by downtown. A few blocks away, down Northside Drive, is the "hood". Was there any damage/property loss to those areas? I guess I'll have to drive over there to see because the news is not going to walk a block or so over to check on the Black people...
If something happened to me or my neck of the woods, everyone would know b/c I stay by the White people. It turns out to be a smart move b/c I'll be in the position to recieve the most rigorous rescue efforts. 

"survive the drought; i wish you well....i wish you insight so you can see for yourself"

2 thought(s):

Ananda said...

i am glad you are okay. my atl hu law classmates are cool too. they were in the tornado on auburn avenue on friday night. they are blessed.

antithesis said...

that is a blessing. i had a friend who was down there too. silly girl said she aint know anything until she finished eating and was walkin to her car.