Thursday, March 13, 2008

i got accepted to 6 out of 7 colleges and universities back in 2003/2004. school number 7 put me on the waiting list and I just never filled out and returned the follow-up forms. so now, when i am at the end of my undergraduate career and looking to finance my graduate education it's a huge shock to not be able to find employment. well, it's not a rediculously huge shock for the simple fact that the economy is the pits right now.

it seems that i have almost no problem getting accepted into schools. i did what i thought was the craziest thing: i applied to only my top choice. luckily, they were enthused and impressed with how early i turned in my application as well as with my credentials. within a few days of submitting my supporting documents, i recieved a phone call with my unofficial admittance. the letter came a few months later to confirm.

that sounds really great and everything, but this came after scores of rejections from summer research programs, internships, and jobs. i got oever it because i always found a job to do somewhere or a volunteer opportunity someplace in order to gain experience. even if i had to initiate the contact myself and make up the role (which i did a few summers ago).

after all that, when it really counts, i dont have the right skill set. my experience and qualifications dont really match anything. given the opportunity, i can sit down with you and make it make sense and tell you how it is applicable. it's a stretch sometimes, i know, but im just good at making things fit. so i try to give a glimpse of that creativity in my cover letter but i'm not trying to write an essay only for my efforts to be ignored and discarded.

plus, i need someone to explain why it is that so many positions require so many years of experience. how am i expected to gain any experience if no one ever hires me based on the fact that i dont have any experience? i have the education, allow me to apply it. i would so much appreciate the opportunity to gain experience with a company and that would in turn help them b/c i would be more loyal to them for giving me that initial break. the likelihood of me leaving is exponentially decreased.

this is extremely frustrating and ive tried to keep this blog from being too personal but i needed somewhere to put my thoughts.

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Ananda said...

hey sistalove. i feel you. what type of working are you looking for in dc? send me an email at maybe i can help out. i am in dc. i have been working since 1989 in various fields. right now i work in a nonprofit. lots of jobs come across my desk each month. so holla. i found your blog on bgg. i am ananda. i had to stop by once i saw the reference to metro center and heels on bgg. peace, ananda

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hey Inverted Reflection,

I totally understand your frustration. I know several people who are currenlty looking for jobs for several months and have not gotten hired anywhere.

It really is hard finding a job right now. My suggestion is to continue to persevere -- eventually you'll find something. I have one friend who has been looking for work for at least 6 months and she finally got hired last week. So don't give up! :-)

Good luck,
Brown Girl Gumbo

T said...

This frustration is normal. I didn't settle into find a job until 6 months after graduation, but I've been there 3 and a half years and LOVE it.

Everything happens for a reason, so what you're looking for will happen in due time. OR something you're not looking for at all will plop into your lap and you'll end up loving it.

Best wishes in the search!

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