things i'll do when/if i have kids

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
there are not many things im certain of when it comes to how i would raise children if i had any. i change my mind rediculously often so i'm not sure if i would make a good parent. seemingly insignificant actions can have such a grave effect on a child. i know there is no perfect way to rear a child but i definately don't want to do it too wrong.

i'm not going to put my kid's(s') race on anything. i hate this social construct. race is so subjective. lauren's* mom is white and her dad is black but you would not know her dad was black if you only meet her mom. and they only leave room so you can put one race. what if im married to someone who is mexican? would i put mexican-african-american. and AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY. it's not fair that people are able to be like "irish-american" and crap and i am forced to claim an entire continent. not gonna put it. yea, my kids are gonna be messed up.

*name change

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Antithesis
I don't have any kids either and I am already know that there are certain things that my kids will do and not do.
My kids will not eat chicken wings while walking down the street.
My kids will not be disrespectful to adults
My kids will not allow society to mold them. ( I will do the molding with my
P.S. The race section on many forms is so unnecessary.
Product Junkie Diva