the hills

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
no, i dont watch the hills. i cant be sure if i should. one of my faves wants to kick me for not watching it (she also hates me for not watching college hill: atl; message me if it's not clear why). i do not watch it b/c everytime im online and i see a screenshot of it, the LC chick is texting. is that what she's doing the whole show? 

so am i missing something? is it really too late to start watching because... how many seasons has it been? 

watched it: HILARIOUS. i doubt this stuff is supposed to be funny but then do they really expect me to take these folks seriously? they have managed to recruit a new fan off of one episode. good work!

3 thought(s):

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

This is like the 3rd season. It's not too late to catch up. I must admit -- I'm 27, black and enjoy watching these rich white girls!!! LOL!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL I watch the Hills also.... Lauren is ummm how shall I say challenged. The decisions this woman makes just boggles my mind. I think her show is more like a "what not to do" Ok since you watched the episode you may have seen that she left a gown that I am sure was expensive close enough to the curling iron so that it eventually burned the gown. WHO DOES THIS STUFF?lol That gown would have been locked away in the closet if it had been given to me. Oh well let the jokes continue. Oh and is it me or does Whitney end many of her words with the sound of the letter K???
Product Junkie Diva

antithesis said...

LOL. she narrowly escaped tragedy by wearing the thing out to the club and she gets it all the way home and she was like "it looks like coffee"!!!! she is a clown... im gonna be adddicted to this show b/c bad girls club is ruined for me. it has sunk to an all new low that i would never have fathomed it reaching.