on being domestic

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
this sunday i cooked more than ive ever cooked. i've heated up some frozen veggies, baked some chicken, made spaghetti before. you know, simple stuff. what i did sunday was simple, too. but it was a step up on my usual. i made my first potato salad (i know, playskool for most other folk). i also fried some chicken and baked a cheesecake. i messed up the cheesecake recipe b/c of someone else's typo and my intermittent lack of common sense. it's still edible though. im proud of myself. what a sense of accomplishment. i should have taken pics. maybe once a month (at least), ill attempt a new dish and post pics on here. no more chicken breasts w/ ketchup and pretending it's a delicacy.  ; )

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