no ma'am

Saturday, March 15, 2008
look at this and please comment/discuss. 

i know what i think but i wanna know what other people think. i would place it directly in my blog, however i barely even want to link to it. 


3 thought(s):

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

OH...MY...GOD!!! I am totally disgusted and in shock.

I just have to wonder -- where did we go wrong? It really is so sad to see these women with absolutely no self-respect or a sense of self worth.

It just makes me feel for the children that are being raised by such disgraceful women. Seeing things like that just make me feel heartbroken.

antithesis said...

my sentiments EXACTLY. i was so mad at my friend for showing me that but she felt that i needed to know....

Ananda said...

okay, i had to stop watching. i am beyond speechless. what is happening with our sistaloves? there is a lot of pain going on with so many of us.