Thursday, March 20, 2008
never thought i would say this but....

i want some colored denim.
Urban Outfitters $78
Forever 21 $30
(also in yellow and red)

if i were still in junior's sizes id be up in those forever 21 jeans b/c urban is a little too steep on this college student's budget. if anyone knows where i can get these in grown-up sizes for a reasonable price, please let me know.

3 thought(s):

Ananda said...

i love the pink ones.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I don't know, I just can't get into the colored denim thing. Maybe because I think they'll make my legs look bigger than what they already are. They do look cute on others though.

Just_Wondering said...

Wow I would also love to get a pair of colored denims but for some reason I'm afraid to wear them. I see them and I put them back down. However, I'm really into wearing colors during the summer so maybe, just maybe..I'll pick up a pair to rock this summer! You've inspired me! lol