in honor of women's history month

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Happy Holidays
apparently, every month on the calendar has some made-up theme. i really only pay attention to black history and women's history and breast cancer awareness months. women, especially black women, of celebrity struggled to draw the line between sexy and slutty. the following women remained classy and beautiful. so for march here are women who i think were/are fly:

Jilly from Philly. i just recently hopped on but she's really beautifully human!
Jill ScottJill Scott 2jill scott
Stacey Dash played characters 15-20 years her junior. HOT!
stacey_dash.jpg image by ashleya10021af7.jpg image by ashleya1002stacey_dash02.jpg image by ashleya1002
Where is Ms. Bassett's Oscar? My favorite black actress. 
Angela20Basset-SGS-008447.jpg image by ashleya1002AngelaBassett.jpg image by ashleya1002angela.jpg image by ashleya1002
The best TV Mom EVER! Mrs. Rashad was too fly as Claire Huxtable
PhyliciaRashad.jpg image by ashleya1002PhyliciaAllen.jpg image by ashleya1002
Even in stereotypical roles, Pam Grier was heroine of her time
PamGrier.jpg image by ashleya1002aeec.jpg image by ashleya1002grier007.jpg image by ashleya1002pam.jpg image by ashleya1002
Most of the time, J-Hud gives pleasantly plump women a good name
jen_ad2.jpg image by ashleya1002JTM-023428.jpg image by ashleya1002jennifer-hudson-1501.jpg image by ashleya1002
The one-in-a-million Aaliyah. Still missin' her
Aaliyah-1.jpg image by ashleya1002aaliyah.jpg image by ashleya1002no.jpg image by ashleya1002
Mary-J-Blige-1.jpg image by ashleya1002mary-1.jpg image by ashleya1002mary.jpg image by ashleya1002
Rising Star, Lauren London
LaurenLond.jpg image by ashleya1002laurenlondon1.jpg image by ashleya1002lauren_london.jpg image by ashleya1002
Sassy Ms. Lena is all grown up. Get it, Mrs. Pinkett-Smith!
JadaPinkettSmith.jpg image by ashleya1002m_c357d8049439432b908d610b003c710d.jpg image by ashleya1002
Faye KILLED it as Bonnie
bonnie.jpg image by ashleya1002faye_dunaway_gallery_42.jpg image by ashleya1002

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Eb the Celeb said...

Happy Women's month... all (except the last one of course) Will always be honorary RBW's in my book!