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Monday, November 24, 2008
i know a few of you have been watching that little ticker down the side. about that...yea, i stopped working out and eatting better. i decided i would hold on to my girth a little longer to keep me warm this winter. like i really cant stand to be cold and i'm almost always cold because im borderline anemic. 

you may say, "just take some iron". well iron has side effects and i experience them. pretty much any side effect listed with any medication, i experience. even when it's like "this only happened with one clinical trial participant but the law says we gotta list it". yup, i'm that one participant. and multivitamins make me nauseous. i can take them with food, though i dont normally eat breakfast right away, and it does not help. i can take them with juice, doesn't really work out. something made me think i needed to take a vitamin after a night of heavy drinkings and i threw up. since then i REALLY don't want it. 

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T said...


This has got to be the most creative I don't want to lose weight reason (read: excuse) I have ever seen in my life. Can I encourage you to at least stay at 166 even if you don't lose any more weight.

I know plenty of overweight people who are cold all the time. Girl, you better go work out and get a turtleneck and quit playin!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL @ T's response.
I would have to agree in encouraging you to at least remain at 166. Gaining weight can be such a slippery slope.

antithesis said...

oh no, i have no intentions of gaining weight. and like T said, it's just a lame excuse. but i promise to get on it because i wanna be fly in time for swimsuit season. plus imma b on my pilates game during the cold months. dont be surprised that come may/june i post nothing but bikini pics for a week...

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

lol...I was wondering if you were serious with that excuse, but...I'm losing weight and loving it and I know you are loving yourself as you drop the pounds. Pilates is going to definitely help with that and please continue to eat right, you ONLY have 15 lbs to go. Stay focused girly!