you comin' with?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
as we approach 2009, i have to start thinking about what will be different from '08. last year i anticipated graduation, the possibility of a new location for grad school and some people got left in '07. they didn't pass away (i dont think), they are just dead to me. ok, that was a little harsh but whatever...

so for 2009, i am like the losing-est team in football and some folks are getting fired. some people might be out of my world before the year is up. we shall see. 

not completely sure what else will change. what will be different in for you in '09?

2 thought(s):

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

2009 will bring a new school schedule, different headaches that will still hurt but hopefully a new attitude for getting things done on time.
2009, hopefully I'll be a fiance instead of a girlfriend...ooooo I felt a chill, lol
last but not least 2009, I am vowing to wash my hair every week and maintain myself to the best of my abilities, keeping bum days to a minimum

T said...

Well, in August my location will be different. I'm trying to do some international stuff with the company, but if that doesn't pan out I'm going to buy a condo and if that doesn't pan out, I'm definitely moving to a bigger apartment (with in-unit laundry). The elevator laundry dance is over for me on 08/01/09.

That's all I'm sure about for 2009.