oh give thanks

Thursday, November 27, 2008
people im thankful for right now
  • the folks who comment on my blog- loves yous!!!!!!!!!!! can't say that enough!
  • mr.klean- gets...on...my...nerves and i'm 1000% sure i get on his but whatev's. he's here for a reason, i think.
  • mr.officer- sooooo quick to tell me about myself but i appreciate his old butt.
  • mr.untouchable- 'bout to call him mr. lifesaver because he stay on that rescue tip. plus he's pretty cool when he wanna be
  • chantastic a.k.a chanteezy a.k.a c.Ant- this chick....man, i love her like...like i don't even know but she's my wifey if there ever was such a thing for me
  • marquitas- i don't remember why her name is plural but it is. that's my other wife. ALL HOMO!
  • jaz and t- there are no words. they are the truth out here, ok?
  • dee- this bitch is a mess but she's also the best!
  • the jacksons- i run away to their house on the regular because i <3>big brother- goes without saying because he does what big brothers do. #3 strongest man in MD so don't f*ck w/ me!
  • the list could go on but imma end w/ this one: the rest of my fam especially grandma Price: HAPPY BDAY, GRANNY!!!!!!!!!

aiight let's carve the turkey and bust open some of auntie's banana pudding...

3 thought(s):

WiZ said...

i keep checking.....but i dont see my name up here. oh well....there's always next year

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL Wiz you are funny. I think you can group yourself under that first bullet point.
LOL @ "mr.officer- sooooo quick to tell me about myself but i appreciate his old butt."
It's good to have a person like that in your life.

T said...

Happy Thanksgiving girl!!!