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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
real housewives of atl reunion

9:08- don't forget, first week of january: kim's album comes out. no word yet on which january....
9:13- did she just say her wig was squeezing her brain???????
9:16- when people have cancer, they USUALLY stop smoking...
9:17- bitch, who lies about having cancer??? and who continues to go to a doctor who misdiagnoses it?
9:19- i just wanna take a moment to note how i have nowhere near the income of these heffas and my weave was more fly than theirs. even counting the time i had that cheap joint with milky way hair....
9:21- prior to this engagement, sheree, you resembled a horse. with that flip bang and sasha un-fierce ponytail, you confirmed your true identity. 
9:26- was that really the best question lisa got? some man's fantasy about her husband???damn she's boring and obnoxious. even the people interested in her are obnoxious.
9:33- i've been starting at that sweater sheree has on. what is that patch about? like that missing spot on her shoulder? but she's into fashion, right? yea, ok...
9:39- ive grown bored with this. hopefully, you watched so now it's your turn to discuss. sound off!

5 thought(s):

MSJNT said...

I fell out about the "TRASHY HOOKER"comment.I had to turn away for the rest, I Tivo it so I will get back to you. I see that Dwight was there.

T said...

Oooh, I'm glad someone posted about this. NeNe is the realest. She's not my favorite or anything, but I love how her character is the same all the time.

I fell out laughing when Kim couldn't come up with a defense. But she didn't apologize for calling NeNe a low budget bitch. THEN she claims Sheree didn't manipulate her. Do you think most people who have been manipulated KNOW they've been manipulated.

AND Cancer... I thought I had cancer so I got a wig... but I didn't have cancer... so I kept a wig.

I meant chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, you know bbq food. I'm not racist, I don't even see color.

Bitch, please. You see you're not black and you want to be. You damn sure see that.

P.S. I love how Dwight told her she could do better.

There were so many good moments, but I'll stop here.

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL @ your Sheree lol
Deshawn is always cool and calm.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

That cancer comment really had me baffled. Like huh? Even Andy the interviewer jerked his head as to say "Are you kidding me with this?"

Eargerly anticipating the 2nd season.

WiZ said...

i cant believe you got bored of this after 30mins. i gonna try it one day