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Thursday, November 20, 2008
...how much i LOVE this song. have you noticed the lyrics down the right-hand side of my blog? that was really only supposed to be there for one week. i was going to put song lyrics in that space and change it at least weekly. it's been there for at least 6 months not because i forgot but that nothing really compares to the song it references.that's just a snippet of this beautiful song. like if i could have that??? man, what? just ready to "cut off any loose ends and not even wanna keep a few". that one time is was sooooooooo close. i felt every lyric of this song but i hadn't discovered it yet/it had not been released. and once it was released, i didn't have the appreciation i have for it now because i didn't pay attention to the lyrics. maybe if i had, i would have realized what i had and not done so much stuff to f*ck it up. however, everything happens for a reason and the little girl i was then is not the woman i am now and that dude is no longer a good match for me. as for me now, i just wanna "hear a million angels singing in my ear when i say your name". 

here are the full lyrics:

i can run, i can race for hours and hours 
and don't stop
i can float i can fly us to the highest
mountain top i can breathe you, i can drink in your laugh
i can... i can live on your smile i can trip but if i can fall into your arms i can
stay there my whole life

i can live
i can love
i can be better with you,
for real
i can hear
i can feel
i can see
i can tell
you are for real

i can stare; i can memorize your face, your hands, your hair
every part of you 
i can cut off any loose ends and 
not even wanna keep a few
i can speak to you so honestly i can't even run any game
i can hear a million angels singing in my ear 
when I say your name


i can't smile, can't dream like a child
can't feel safe in this wide world without you
c can't go can't disturb this flow
can't begin to know what I would do
i can't see, can't find strength to be
rather not be me without you
i can't deal, i can't even feel, 
without you i'm not real


3 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

Well it's all about learning and growing and you acknowledge that you have done just that. All things will come in due time.....

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Beautiful lyrics, and time heals all things and makes all thing possible, so you'll find it/discover it/discover him when time is on your side.

Happy Thrusday

T said...

Amel brings that hotness everytime. There's a song she has (can't remember the name of it), but someone's going to sing it at my wedding, it's so HOT!!!