things i hate more than spencer pratt

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
i have no more disdain for any other person i have never actually met than i do for spencer pratt. i loathe this character whom has never directly adversely affected my life. i am hard-pressed to find something i dislike more. but here they are; i hate these things more than spencer pratt:

  • when my knee locks up and aches for the rest of the day
  • when i have a REALLY bad cold. like phlem and all that. the only good part of that mess is my sexy voice (think pheobe on "friends"; hell yea, i watched that!)
  • when a child is abused
  • when my favorite shows are preempted by something boring/irrelevant to my life
  • hang nails
  • being followed by lame dudes in the club (no i take that back. i would rather a lame dude follow me in the club than look at spencer pratt for 2 seconds)
  • throwing up. that's a tough-y because everytime he does something, i throw up a little in my mouth
  • the one thing i hate more than him individually is the fact that Speidi got effing MARRIED. nothing is sacred...omg is they had a kid??? a devil spawn??? that would pretty much undo every good thing that has happened this year.

i dont know why i hate him so much. maybe it's his shitty, rude disposition or the fact that i think that if i touched him it would be sticky and possibly smell bad. he looks like his breath stinks. it's as if his facial hair is clear and it's creepy as f*ck. i would post a pic or vid here but it disturbs me too much. you just have to watch the hells (read "the hills") yourself...

3 thought(s):

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Spencer irks me to no end. But dog crap on the sidewalk irks me just a little more.

PBW said...

I just want to beat his a**. Then kick Heidi in hers for being so stupid.

Buy hey, that's just me.

WiZ said...

dang. i know you can dislike someone a lot but this taking it to another level. how you so wicked suh girl