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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
i guess i sparked an interest in mr. klean with my post last week.

how we met: i was somewhere i didnt wanna be. howard's homecoming, there was a kappa house party and my friend promised the host she would attend and she REALLY wanted me to accompany her. T can attest to the fact that i was ill because i sounded like brandy sounds when she sings. he struck up a convo because that's just the extroverted dude that he is. i thought i did something rude so to compensate later, i alerted him to my departure and he requested an exchange of contact information.

why i like him: he has that certain je' ne se cois (pardon my poor french spelling but i mean "i dont know what"). he is very sexy. he's like a little, he didn't come at me with the wackness i've grown so accustomed to since my return to the metro area. he has a great taste in movies and music, two things that are seriously important to me.

so what's wrong with him?: just a few things. mainly things that bother me because he is so much like that one dude who broke my heart in a million pieces. i think it's an aquarian thing, though.

overall, i really like this dude. it scares the hell outta me because i fall quickly and when i do i fall HARD. i have this unshakeable feeling that if that happens he will break my heart and i still dont know if i can handle that. i guess im jazmine sullivan right now. im on my lions and tigers and bears shit. so that explains why i sometimes wanna run but i'm scared of losing out.

also, a key thing too, he's a redskins fan. i mean our kids would be so confused. it's like marrying someone of a different race or religion. yes, it is JUST LIKE THAT. 

it's my parents' anniversary today, but i guess that doesn't mean much. they're part of the reason marriage/divorce scares me.

2 thought(s):

T said...

I say give it a try if you like him. My best friend gave me some great advice a while back. She said to date the guy until it's not fun anymore. If you're feeling him and he's feeling you, keep the party going.

But if going out with him feels like a chore, or you feel like you have to pretend to be something you're not, or worse, you have to bite your tongue in his presence, then it's time to let that bird fly.

Don't be scurred. Getting hurt is no fun, but love and relationships are not spectator sports. You have to get on the field and play to win.

And on the marriage piece, you know marriage is hard, tough work. It takes more work to tough it out than it does to get divorced and 60% of folks get divorced, so you KNOW it's no cake walk.

But hey, we're not talking marriage yet... Let Mr. Klean mop your floors first. LMAO!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Sometimes you have to listen to your gut but at the same time the could end up being nothing like the other guy. You could lose out if you don't give it a shot...
Ok I'm no help here sorry.
Happy anniversary to your parents.