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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
so i met my friend's boo on her bday last friday. either he is really good or i'm an open book. we laughed, joked, ate and drank. a very enjoyable fellow. towards the end of the evening, he was able to break down my friend and i and our situations. he was able to tell me something about myself i was only able to figure out recently. he didn't know my past, he barely knew the details of my current situation. but he knew me when it came to males. if he can see that in just a couple of hours, imagine what dudes know about me after just a little while. 

honestly, it blew my mind for a minute. but now that i have this information, what will i do with it? probably continue to be a hard-headed individual and continue to get my feelings hurt. one day i will wake up and say, "this is what i wont tolerate" and actually mean it 100%. one day. i wish today was that day. 

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Product Junkie Diva said...

It can be that day if you really stick to your guns. I remember listening to Iman once and she spoke about knowing your worth. Bascially when you decide to lay down the law regarding what you will and will not accept people have to listen but until you do that,people will treat you as they wish.
Be strong girl.

T said...

Don't think too hard about it. This dude might just be insightful. Plus if you were drinking... I'm sure all kinds of good information flowed forth. LOL!