these 4 words

Thursday, November 6, 2008
diahna's little 2-year-old nephew is a genius. he needs to be a motivational speaker or something because he came up with the absolute best phrase. these 4 words, "i dont want it" sum up my feelings on so many things. really, it's perfect. REALLY!

scenario 1-

guy: take my number
me: i dont want it

scenario 2-

guy: i want to give you this ring
me: i dont want it

scenario 3-

random person: here's a flyer
me: i dont want it

i used to think i wanted a boyfriend. nope, i dont want it. i believed there was a chance i would want to actually be married one day. im about 96% sure i dont want it. not until i started working toward this master's degree did i come to the conclusion that i dont want it. i just want the privilages and such that come with it. this is some bullshit...

6 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis, I was seriously cracking up over this post.. Will you continue to pursue your degree?

WiZ said...

dang. i tell you about you psychology girls. you missed scenario 4

God: i'm gonna give you common sense and excellent logic and reasoning skills
you: i dont want it

T said...

I love this. The simplicity of children. They cut the crap, don't they. Straight to the point.

P.S. congrats on 9 pounds. *applauding you*

antithesis said...

oh i most certainly will get my degree. i already gave these people too many monies that i cannot get back! plus i cant do anything else without it.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Glad to know that Antithesis. Congrats on the fab. weight loss.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Funny post!! The things that you think you don't want now, may actually change down the rode!