what my hair is doing

Friday, November 21, 2008
whenever my hair isn't looking cute, and admittedly that is often, my sister greets me with a, "so sis, what's your hair doin'?" so let me tell you what my hair is doing right now: nothing. i took my weave out because it was starting to look like that ashanti post i did a while back. so shortly after uninstalling, i went to get a trim because i had not had one since may. almost as soon as i sit in the chair, chick is like "ok next time you may want to get a touch up". i'm thinking, a touch up of what? i have never in my 22 years had a relaxer so i was at first thinking my hair color but then i was like no because i went back to black-ish (that reddish-brown thing i did is showing through a little).

but anyway, i seriously get that alot. like "when was your last relaxer". i never had one. thought about getting one but was advised against it but i flat iron the mess outta my head such that if i take my time and do it, it looks relaxed. my aunt warned me that if i kept doing that, my hair wouldn't revert and it would take on that relaxed appearance and she was right because i have what appears to be new growth. so with that problem i always vascillate between "growing it out" and just burning up the roots enough to have it blend with the rest. right now, im just going to go ahead and keep getting roller sets although they dont really look all that cute to me. other people like it on me so i guess that's all that matters.

...and that is what my hair is doing

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WiZ said...

this reminds me of my braids i used to have. i used to be like this everyday. making sure they stay neat and all.

i miss my hair

T said...

That's hilarious. My family knows I have a hot temper and a mean disgusted face, so they also tread lightly when asking me anything about my hair.

Since I've gone natural though, it looks good every time I go out of the house (except to the gym or Walgreens). LOL!

Product Junkie Diva said...

It's great that you have never had a relaxer. If I had never taken the plunge, I would probably have perferred to remain natural.
I have been thinking of going natural, it may be a fun journey.
Just be careful with the heat that you are using.