do you budget for the bullsh*t?

Monday, September 28, 2009
some of you may know that i'm going to the maxwell concert for my birthday this friday. wonderful. originally i wasn't going to go because i thought i would have internship that day and wouldn't leave in time to go home and get ready and go. this was before i had my first day and i should have realized that i'm at a ghetto site where people just don't come in the second half of the week, especially on friday. anyway, my dad said that sense i deal with crazy people all day and the stress of school i should make time to do stuff i enjoy so he would get me the tickets. at the late date that he said this the tickets in the very top row came out to be like $90 with taxes and fees. he said to put it on MY credit card and he's pay me back.

fast-foward a week or two later. my dad picks me up from my internship site nightly because it's actually in a bad neighborhood. not just the people are hood, it's physically in the hood. a woman was shoot and a subway employee was stabbed within days of each other within a few doors of my site. he decides to pick me up in my car because my mom is like "it sits all week, you need to drive it from time-to-time". i guess me driving it some weeknights and weekends isn't enough for her which i would agree with if it weren't 80+ degrees outside. so anyway, i get in the car and it wont start. the complete worst place to have that happen at 8 o'clock at night. and my dad just sittin' there like nothing is wrong like he just gonna wait it out. negative. so i call my mom but luckily one of the people who works at my site was still hanging around and gave us a jump and we got home.

the whole point to me sharing this is: now that my car needs a battery, he's not gonna pay for the maxwell ticket, a $90 ticket in the nosebleeds. i would be like whatever if 1. i was working somewhere 2. he hadnt already agreed to pay and i was already planning on going and would have paid that for a ticket (i wouldnt have) and 3. he had taken my car for the 30,000 mi. service between now and June when I first brought it to his attention because they probably could have told us the battery was low. now aint that some bullsh*t?

i am glad it happened when it did. because what if i was out alone? or worse with friends? it's worse with friends because these dumb heifers would be hollering like "who can give us a jump?!" yup, they'd let everyone know at the hood spot we just came out of (all i do with them is club) that we were stranded and could easily be robbed. instead of rationally calling someone we knew to come jump us and sitting quietly in the car like nothing is wrong...

basically, this boils down to: i didnt budget for the "if" in "life". don't forget to plan for "emergencies" when doing your budget.

me and my car when i first got him, december 05. aww, he didnt even have tags yet.

3 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

cute car, but you are correct we all need to plan for the "if" moments.

T said...

I do not have an emergency budget, but I also don't have a car, so I have fewer emergencies.

But yeah, it sucks when stuff comes up and I'm cash-only now, so if an emergency happens, something else (a bill, groceries, etc) will have to suffer.

Very irresponsible of me.

Lee said...

Trust me. You are not alone. I got rid of my old car, but not before spending a grip on "emergency" situations. It happens. You live, you learn.