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Friday, July 2, 2010

no weight loss to report this week. did 25 min (run-walk intervals) 4 days this week but still ate like a fatty. plus i had glass after glass of vino last night with one of my favorites from my counseling program. sweetie was having a hard time after having to put her dog to sleep after 10 years so i played counselor just a little bit for her. we mixed poor coping skills with some therapeutic interventions. good thing she wasnt an actual client :)

also, just fyi, i dont post ever video i make on youtube here so it's a good idea to subscribe to my channel

im just realizing im having such a tough time finding a job because im not just looking for a job, im looking to start a career. that's a problem when the economy only allows for experienced/established professionals to get new jobs. getting into the cost effectiveness of hiring me is another post for another day that will never come because i dont feel like explaining and im sure no one really cares.

my big sis turns *another year older* next week so im not expecting any weightloss next week either. cookout sunday and out to lunch wednesday (her actual bday). i'll try to behave. no promises because im back over my classmate's place thursday...

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T said...

Even though you don't have weight loss, you have MAJOR progress over the last week. Clocking 4 workouts is awesome. We're totally in sync because I did 4 30-minutes workouts this week too.

On the career piece would you ever consider an apprenticeship or some other foot in the door with a really popular (or even celebrity) counselor. Then we're they're overbooked, you take their clients. (I know I've treated your profession like it's hair dressing at a salon, but I'm trying to be helpful here.)