here's what's what (4th of july week)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
here's how ive been spending/will spend my time:

ate crabs for the first time in probably 15 years. i ate 3. hardly worth the effort and disgust. i know, i know. im too girly and im not really black (also not a fan of ribs).

i saw the national fireworks show off a closed exit on I-395 b/c we had reserved parking however all route to the lot were blocked

spent the weekend at sis' house. played wii super briefly. watched heroes re-runs. and laughed at everything that came out of the mouth of the 2 year old "i dont wear pull-ups. i have on underwear. im a big girl." "naked bum bum, naked bum bum" and my favorite-
taylor: do i have powers?
me: no
t: do i have A power?
me: no
t: i have a power.

all grades have now been posted. im 48 credits into my master's degree. got 12 more to go. i could have been done at 48 credits but licensure requires 60 so im staying on.

lunch on the georgetown waterfront at Sequoia with sis for her birthday today.


temp agency interview

wine with former counseling classmate turned unemployed housewife (she graduated). LOVE HER!

work ALL DAY saturday at the kennedy center. my one day/week "job" is so taxing...why did i think it was ok to do two shifts in one day.

mac "in the groove" collection makeover with sis

babysitting the nieces

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