back at it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
i got my mornings back after a brief interruption. what does that mean? it means i'll be hitting the treadmill once again until further notice. today, the inspiration was delayed but i feel myself getting into the mood. im currently watching svu barely interested but when it goes off, the gym shoes are coming on. it's been a little while so today's goal is 30 minutes. i really want to get up to doing like 4 miles at least 3x a week.

i have 3 items i bought for $5 from urban outfitters without trying on last year. im determined to fit one of them. i bought a total of 5 items that day but the 3 that dont fit have been haunting me. i dont care that much about the two tops but the skirt is really bothering me. i hate that the label says 12 and i cant get into it. well i can but it's not a good look. pisses me off! it's part of my motivation.

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